No, you do not have to create an account to purchase from us. However, it is useful as it will assist you to track your order and communicate with us easily.
Not all the art on Sketched Out are pencil / charcoal drawings. We decided to include a variety of different mediums on the site. We recommend that you research your medium before purchasing.
Sketched Out currently only deals with artworks which are A3 (297 x 420 mm) or smaller. The exact dimensions are indicated beside each artwork.
Our courier charges R99.00 for delivery anywhere in South Africa. Sketched Out has added an extra R50 to this for packaging. It is very important that we package the art well. So that it can arrive safely on your doorstep with no damage.
Sketched Out currently only operates and delivers with South African borders.
To keep costs down for our clients, insurance is not included in this delivery charge. If you would like to insurance your art (during delivery) then please contact us. Please be aware that the insured option will be more expensive.
Sketched Out is not a speed service. Please allow 7 – 14 days for shipping and delivery. And order your art well ahead of any personal deadlines.
Your art will be package flat, between two pieces of thick cardboard. The art will not be rolled as the work often retains the curled edges. Please take great care when opening the packaged. Especially if you are using knives or scissors to remove tape. Your artwork is on paper and can easily be damaged. Sketched Out will not be held liable for any damaged cause to the artwork during the “unwrapping” process.
None of the artworks on Sketched Out are framed. Shipping framed artworks would greatly increase the cost to our clients.
Once you have received your artwork, we suggest that you do not keep it in its original packaging for too long. While the artwork itself is on acid free paper, the packaging is not acid free. This means that over time the packaging may speed up the aging/yellowing of the paper and degradation of the artwork. To ensure a lengthy lifespan, have your artwork framed as soon as possible. Visit some home or stationary stores for less expensive framing options.
Sketched Out allows a 7 day cooling-off period. Beginning on the day that the package arrives on your doorstep. If you notify us during this 7 day period and return the artwork (at your own cost), then you will be liable for a refund. (Refund will not include delivery to and from your residence). Please read more in our Returns Policy.
All of us own different computers, laptops, tablets and phones. Subtle changes to the images will be noted when moving between different devices. While Sketched Out has done its best to accurately represent all the artworks, we cannot be held liable for subtle differences due to monitor and screen settings. Sketched Out readily acknowledges that a photo of the artwork, never quite compares to the artwork itself. Which is why so many people travel thousands of kilometres to see the Mona Lisa in the Louvre.