Quite simply, Sketched Out is a platform for artists to display and sell original artwork – at affordable prices.

A meal for a sketch …

In the 1960’s, Picasso was infamous for paying for meals with a sketch. A simple, humble – sketch. The starting point for many artists and often the groundwork for something BIGGER. It doesn’t take forever, but it’s unique. Now, ignore the controversy Picasso and his ‘napkin-currency’ caused in Paris, and let’s focus on the idea – a genuine piece of art for the price of a meal. 

That’s what Sketched Out is all about.

How does it work?

Artists can spend weeks if not months on a single piece. They pour hours of blood, sweat and tears into their creation – and they deserve to be compensated like any other profession would.

So how do we make it affordable? How do we bridge the gap between earning a living and getting art into the hands of ‘average Jo’?

Well, what if we opened the artists hidden drawer? That catalog of trials and practice pieces tucked away in the back of the cupboard? Those preparatory sketches or groundwork drawings that honed a skill and explored an idea? There are hidden gems here. The steppingstones that paved the way to a breakthrough or a masterpiece. This is what Sketched Out does. We look for that initial flicker of creativity. Providing a platform for artists to sell these pieces at an affordable price. Putting genuine artwork in reach of everyone. Making it possible for you to buy a piece of art as a birthday gift or an anniversary present.

For the price of a meal (or two) you can own a genuine spark of inspiration.


Because art belongs to all of humanity. It needs to take its place in every home.