A covidified time | Jana Müller


A covidified year

This pen and watercolour artwork was created during the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic at a time when life seemed in juxtaposition to reality. When the world needed to adapt to an ever changing ‘new normal’. This art work speaks to the almost incomprehensible changes people are trying to navigate.

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The artist Henri Matisse wrote: “Another word for creativity is courage.” In general, our society has labelled artists as misfits and eccentrics ... lost in their own world. Their hard work written off to having 'talent'. But talent alone never dug a depth. That is left to the person wielding it. To have the courage to pour hundreds of hours into your craft, often with very little reward. To fail, and to flop. To suffer criticism, but to keep on working. To place your deepest secrets and rawest emotions onto a piece of paper, and then hold it up for the world to see.


Our Artists

In order to see, we must forget the name of the thing we're looking at.
~ Monet ~

A meal for a sketch …

In the 1960’s, Picasso was infamous for paying for meals with a sketch. A simple, humble – sketch. The starting point for many artists and often the groundwork for something BIGGER. It doesn’t take forever, but it’s unique – a moment of inspiration captured and explored on paper. Now, ignore the controversy Picasso and his ‘napkin-currency’ caused in Paris, and let’s focus on the idea – a genuine piece of art for the price of a meal. 

That’s what Sketched Out is all about.


Defining a Sketch.

You’ve probably noticed – not all the pieces we sell are traditional sketches. We have broaden our idea of what a sketch is. And define them as technical exercises, as a method used by an artist to get to know their subject and their medium. As each project differs from the last, so too the preparation. Some start in traditional pencil, but others may be printed, or painted, or even mixed. Some are scant on details, while others burst with it.

It’s up to the artist to define what is and isn’t preliminary work.


Artist focus

Damian Osborne

Art will always have value. It unites us. Through art I believe in enriching the hearts and minds of others, and providing new perspectives or feelings about our individuality, our bodies and connection to nature. I believe in creating extremely high quality artwork that will last for generations. I believe in providing information and excellent and approachable service to collectors. I believe in daily practice ...

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