Springbok and Butterflies

Title -
Springbok and Butterflies, 2012
Medium -
Charcoal & pastel drawing on Fabriano
Size -
100cm x 70cm (wxh)
Price -
Valued at 4000.00 ZAR

I think I am a bit envious of this Springbok, how awesome to be surrounded by hundreds of butterflies. It's quite magical. I really enjoyed drawing them, little blurs of movement and colour and light. Some in focus, some out, but always that lovely feeling of fluttering flight.

This art piece / drawing is currently on display at Arebbusch Travel Lodge.

<span class='pictitle'>Springbok and Butterflies, 2012</span> | Charcoal & pastel drawing on Fabriano

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Drawing derived from photograph by Nigel Dennis

Springbok and Butterflies, 2012 |