Flowering Cactus

Title -
Flowering Cactus, 2011
Medium -
Pastel drawing on Fabriano
Size -
100cm x 66cm (wxh)
Price -
Valued at 4000.00 ZAR

A good friend of mine took this photograph. What I love about it is the way the light shines through the petal, illuminating all of the little veins inside. I actually enjoyed doing the large petal behind even more, the light struck this one in so many different places and with so many different intensities.

This art piece / drawing is currently on display at Arebbusch Travel Lodge.

<span class='pictitle'>Flowering Cactus, 2011</span> | Pastel drawing on Fabriano

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Drawing derived from photograph by Frances Chase

Flowering Cactus, 2011 |