Title -
Ovahimba, 2011
Medium -
Pencil & pastel drawing on Fabriano
Size -
98.5cm x 70cm (wxh)
Price -
Valued at 4000.00 ZAR

What is it about the human body that is so fascinating? Especially a body that has been worked, a body that has lived? Skin pulls across muscle and sinew, wrinkles criss-cross a face, bones and bumps and scars form mountains and valleys. It tells a story, a story of a lifetime. Perhaps a lifetime well lived? Perhaps a lifetime in which the body has been put to full use as the great tool that it is?

This art piece / drawing is currently on display at Arebbusch Travel Lodge.

<span class='pictitle'>Ovahimba, 2011</span> | Pencil & pastel drawing on Fabriano

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Drawing derived from photograph by Alta du Plessis

Ovahimba, 2011 |