Under my Foot

Title -
Under my foot, 2008
Medium -
Pen, acrylic & charcoal on canvas
Size -
76cm x 60cm (wxh)
Price -
Not for Sale

I came upon this image accidentally one day. I had been preparing a proposal for an exhibition and had been taking lots of photos and pondering ideas when I stepped on something sharp and pulled my foot up to have a look. I looked down and the image that greeted me fascinated me. I took my camera out and shot it. What I loved was the feeling that the observer is in someone else's body, looking down at that person’s foot. It is as though your consciousness has suddenly been moved from your body into another.

<span class='pictitle'>Under my foot, 2008</span> | Pen, acrylic & charcoal on canvas

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Under my foot, 2008 |