1955 Two Sisters

Title -
1955 Two Sisters, 2009
Medium -
Pencil & acrylics on Fabriano
Size -
91.5cm x 67.5cm (wxh)
Price -
Not for Sale

‘Two Sisters’ is a double portrait that I did of my mother and aunt from old black and white photos of them as children. It is a follow to the ‘Little Girl’ portrait that I did of my mother. I was working on a technique where I first sketched in pencil, then added small dashes of colour with a paint brush, then sketched again, then dashed colour again etc. I covered the background with colour, then painted over it with a layer of white and then drew on top of that. I like working on ways to combine different mediums. It is quite a long process but quite fun, although I am not sure that it is a technique that I will use often again.

<span class='pictitle'>1955 Two Sisters, 2009</span> | Pencil & acrylics on Fabriano

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1955 Two Sisters, 2009 |