Title -
Welwitschia, 2011
Medium -
Pastel drawing on Fabriano
Size -
100cm x 70cm (wxh)
Price -
Valued at 4000.00 ZAR

My father and I drove into the desert near Swakop one afternoon and took this picture. Drawing it involved a tad more effort. Who knew that there could be so many colours and textures in one leaf? Just as in the Walvisbay Seals drawing, who knew there could be so many different coloured seals? Drawing something always opens my eyes to the often missed details in the world. But I suppose for a plant that has lived for so many hundreds of years and it such harsh conditions, the amount of colour, variation and beauty in it shouldn't have been that surprising.

This art piece / drawing is currently on display at Arebbusch Travel Lodge.

<span class='pictitle'>Welwitschia, 2011</span> | Pastel drawing on Fabriano

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Welwitschia, 2011 |