Sunset from Arebbusch

Title -
Sunset from Arebbusch, 2011
Medium -
Pastel & charcoal drawing on Fabriano
Size -
97cm x 63cm (wxh)
Price -
Valued at 3000.00 ZAR

Clouds are a tough one. Especially thin, wispy clouds. There is no proper form or body to draw, they just become streaks of colour over the light of the setting sun. I only really came to grips with this after completing this piece. And when I look at it now I feel that I have still tried to make them too solid. But that is the great thing about art, with each new piece you learn and you develop.

This art piece / drawing is currently on display at Arebbusch Travel Lodge.

<span class='pictitle'>Sunset from Arebbusch, 2011</span> | Pastel & charcoal drawing on Fabriano

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Sunset from Arebbusch, 2011 |