Title -
Reach, 2009
Medium -
Pencil & charcoal on Fabriano
Size -
70cm x 100cm (wxh)
Price -
Not for Sale
Valued at 2500.00 ZAR

For this piece I wanted to move away from black and white and try my hand at a little colour. I drew the dancer in various hues of orange and brown. The pencils were much softer than the graphite pencils I had used in the previous dance drawings and as a result the dancer is softer, and too my mind, not as expressive. Because of this I wanted the background to have far more energy. I duplicated the dancers’ form in the background and then covered it with scribbles and lines which I drew over and over again to create as much of a sense of freedom as possible.

<span class='pictitle'>Reach, 2009</span> | Pencil & charcoal on Fabriano

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Reach, 2009 |