Title -
Dance, 2009
Medium -
Pencil on Fabriano
Size -
70cm x 100cm (wxh)
Price -
Not for Sale
Valued at 2500.00 ZAR

I decided to try experimenting with black and white subjects against a colourful background. I chose this subject because of the look of intense enjoyment on her face and the lovely movement in the hands and the headdress. Once I had completed the figure I set about trying to fill the background with as much energy as possible. The background should be purely an extension of her. I scribbled and scratched at it like crazy. As a result, in a few areas, the top layers of the paper began to lift. I will have to start buying stronger Fabriano.

<span class='pictitle'>Dance, 2009</span> | Pencil on Fabriano

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Dance, 2009 |